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07 Dec 2019

On Writing on the Internet

It’s been a long time since I have written some long form content, and it’s starting to show. The ability to write shows the ability of the mind to sit down and focus. Lately it has been hard to write something down, focus seems to be all over the place. That is hardly surprising given the amount of time I spent on my smartphone.

As important as the writing itself is the Medium(pun intended) and how much control you have over it. Although I am a huge supporter of well designed reading expereinces and the no-frills setup nothing beats the pleasure of having your own corner of the web designed and implemented to your liking. That is the sole reason why I have gone the extra pain of setting up a publishing platform using the open source static site generator Hugo. It has awesome themes and a beautiful writing experience powered by go.

The other thing about blogging is the audience, there are some tricks up the sleeve to pull in some eyes for the content I am planning on putting out, but I’m not going to go through that route. I believe the fundemental principle of life and purpose is usefulness . If I write useful content the people will come, just like you have.

All opinions are mine and grammer is kind of useless once you get the point across through language.

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