Aswin Mohan

handcrafted by someone who loves code (mobile, frontend, backend), design and life.

I'm currently looking for contracting oppurtunities in Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, React and React Native. If you're looking for a kickass product focused full-stack developer and you need something built fast, I'm your guy. We can talk at


Hey, I'm Aswin Mohan. I'm a Software Developer who works across frontend, backend, mobile and design. I am currently based out of Kerala, India. I love to design, code and make bold, beautiful, useful things. I love film photography, old typewriters and completely mechanical things with zero trace of electronics.

I primarly work with Elixir, Phoenix LiveView, React, NextJS, React Native and TailwindCSS. I do occasional Rails, Flutter and sometimes UI/UX design to make something look less ugly.

What is this blog?

This blog is my corner on the Internet. I love to write, to share my thoughts with the world, to have great conversations with people and enjoy life. I'm forever grateful for the Internet which gave me a seamless way to do just that.This blog doesn't have any other goals than being a public record of my thoughts, so expect it to be like a small garden with flowers, moss and weeds all growing together. You can find my resume here and if you like what I write, share your thoughts with me at


2022 Oct Shut down Nello due to very low customer interest and started working as an Elixir Phoenix Consultant.

2022 Aug Started working on Nello, a new payments app. Think Paypal, but cheaper and faster.

2022 Jun Presented The Joy of Building your Startup in Phoenix LiveView at ElixirConf EU, 2022. First time presenting a talk at an international conference.

2022 Mar Started working on a secret Fintech thing for India.

2022 Jan Release Indiepaper on Product Hunt

2021 Oct Quit job at Buy Me a Coffee for IndiePaper

2021 Oct Released IndiePaper on Hacker News

2021 Mar Started working on

2021 Apr Incorporated IndiePaper as Delaware C Corp

2020 Nov Got first job as a Mobile Developer with

2020 July Graduated from College of Engineering Chengannur with an Engineering degree in Computer Science.

2020 Mar Created a CRM to manage patients during the start of the Pandemic, covered in regional news and newspapers.

2018 Aug Created Kerala Flood Map to locate people stranded in 2018 Floods

2018 Aug Unbox Therapy covered LessPhone on channel, makes first $1000

2018 Jun Made my first dollar from the Internet

2018 Published LessPhone(NoPhone) in Play Store

2018 Published first App in Play Store

2017 Started learning Mobile Development with React Native

2016 Joined College of Engineering Chengannur with CS major

2016 Graduated top of State in Computer Science (100/100)

2015 Made a hardware bootable Operating System for my high-school project

2015 Made a simple Programming Language with Ruby

2014 Started learning to code with C++ from the New Boston Youtube channel

2014 Started my first website

2013 Got my first laptop after waiting four years

2009 Searched on the internet for the first time

2007 Used a Computer for the first time

1999 Born in Kerala/India