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Aswin Mohan

handcrafted by someone who loves code (mobile, frontend, backend), design and life.

I'm always up for meeting new people and sharing ideas or a good joke. Ping me at and let's talk.


This is my now page, inspired by Derek Siver's Now page. It lists out what I'm currently working on and why.


Working as a React Native / Elixir engineer at ReturnQueen.


  • Currently working as an Elixir Phoenix Consultant with pre MVP and Early Stage Startups. Primarily focused on Web and Mobile apps with the backend in Phoenix, web frontend in LiveView and mobile in React Native and styling with TailwindCSS.

  • Currently working on a stealth B2B focused startup as a solo-founder. The B2B cross-border payments space even though is $100T Industry, is still in it's earliest stages of user-experience, far overtaken by consumer payments. We are at a point where we can improve the end-to-end B2B payments experience.

  • Working on Nello. It's a payment app that consolidates different payment methods so you can send money locally and globally and we'll route your money through the cheapest, fastest payment method. In it's most earliest stages and needs a lot of work.

  • Currently I'm working on something secret. It's related to payments and India. I have a clear idea about what the end product is going to be, but it's so early I don't know how we're going to get there.