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I'm currently looking for fulltime/contracting oppurtunities in Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView. If you're looking for a kickass Product focused Elixir developer, I'm your guy. You can find my resume here and reach me at

Nello (Inactive)

A brand new payments app for everyone.

IndiePaper (Inactive)

A self-publishing platform for Indie Authors.


A CRM for contact tracing implemented in Pathanamthitta, Kerala.


A minimal Android Launcher to reduce phone use with over 250,000 downloads.

Ultron OS

A bootable Operating System as my high-school project.


A simple interpreted programming language.

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How to Deploy your Phoenix LiveView 1.6 app on Digital Ocean with Docker

2022-Jul-13 Learn how you can deploy your Phoenix and LiveView based Elixir apps on the Digital Ocean App platform with Docker.

🌟 Page Specific Javascript with Phoenix LiveView and Esbuild

2022-Apr-25 Learn how to split your LiveView Javascript pagewise with esbuild, so your main app.js file stays small and people only download and execute the javascript they require.

Math is a Simulation of Reality

2022-Apr-20 Math is reality, but simulated with symbols on paper. It's a low level language for the physical world, it's representation and manipulation.

Phoenix LiveView in Production

2022-Apr-06 I used Phoenix LiveView in Production for my last startup IndiePaper. This blog post outlines why I used LiveView, issues I came across, the good parts and gotchas to look out for.

🌟🌟 Superfast Webapps using NextJS, Vercel, LiveView and

2022-Jan-14 IndiePaper has a NextJS frontend which proxies requests to the LiveView backend. This means that I can easily edit and serve the marketing pages separtely and make it available even when the main site goes down. This post outlines the setup.

🌟 MacOS like Fonts on Manjaro/Arch Linux

2020-Sep-11 Learn how to setup Manjaro/Arch to get MacOS like fonts in the interface and Chrome.

How I Reduced the Size of My React Native App by 86%

2018-Feb-10 How I converted my Expo app to vanilla React Native and reduced it's size from 25MB to 3.5MB.