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14 Jan 2022

Superfast and Practical Webapps using NextJS, Vercel, LiveView and

Making fast web apps is hard but a tremendous [business oppurtunity](
18 Dec 2021

Persistent URL Slugs in Elixir Phoenix

When building out a platform it's a great idea to let your primary outside world resource be reachable via slugs in the...
16 Dec 2021

The URL is the Web Developer's Best Friend

> Store your important public state that defines the flow of where your users are in the URL, and treat it as the singl...
14 Dec 2020

Stop Being So Polarized All the Time

Remember when we used to joke around, debate about politics, have a drink afterwards and hug your friend with a diffe...
19 Sep 2020

The Levels of Learning

Everyone loves to learn and with the advent of the Internet and all the good and bad things that came with it, access t...
11 Sep 2020

MacOS like Fonts on Manjaro/Arch Linux

Either you love gorgeous typography or just don't care. If you are the former read ahead on how to make the font render...
26 Jun 2020

Simplicity Matters

The world is inherently complex. Countless moving parts interact in exponential ways to create a a beautiful, functiona...
23 Jun 2020

Compiling OpenSSL 1.0 for Older Package Versions

Running older versions of software is always a pain. There will be missing libraries, compilation errors and what not. ...