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How to be more lucky in your life.

Everything in your life ultimately comes down to how much you are lucky. You miss your train, go to the coffee shop for a drink distressed but meet your future wife there. You went to raise capital for your next startup venture and the VC has attended one your conference talks from before and she really loved how entusiastic and passionate you are about the technical side of your product. You apply for your dream job and even though you are underqualified, the recruiter was the sister of your college-roomate and unknown to you, put in a personal word for you. There is nothing you could have done to force these circumstances to happen, and the only course of action is to accept the seredependity and be greateful for the good things that happen in your life.

But if luck is 100% the game, why should we extend any effort in our lives. We could very well lock ourselves inside a closed room and let luck do it’s thing and bring to us a good spouse, a great job and well lived life. Even though a life like that is possible and has a minute chance of working out in your favour, it’s better to create and increase your own luck. You do that by increasing the surface area of luck.

Improving the surface area of luck

The next thing to do is to improve the surface area of luck. Think of all the luck in your life falling down as little rain droplets, and how lucky you are depends on how you are to capture that luck to your life. To capture more of the luck, you need to improve the surface area of it. This means you take actions to make yourself more lucky. You start a blog to write about the things that you are working on, you go to conferences and you make a deliberate attempt to connect with the people you find interesting, you go to coffee shops and gather the courage to talk to the people in your queue. These actions alone might not lead anywhere, but the combination of these actions across a wide enough time-frame can make you more lucky.

So go out into the world, start doing the little things that has a sight chance of increasing your luck and trust the universe will bring everything to your alignment.