Aswin Mohan

handcrafted by someone who loves code (mobile, frontend, backend), design and life.

I'm currently looking for contracting oppurtunities in Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, React and React Native. If you're looking for a kickass product focused full-stack developer and you need something built fast, I'm your guy. We can talk at



A brand new payments app for everyone.


A self-publishing platform for Indie Authors.


A CRM for contact tracing implemented in Pathanamthitta, Kerala.


A minimal Android Launcher to reduce phone use with over 250,000 downloads.

Ultron OS

A bootable Operating System as my high-school project.


A simple interpreted programming language.

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How to Deploy your Phoenix LiveView 1.6 app on Digital Ocean with Docker

2022-Jun-13 Learn how you can deploy your Phoenix and LiveView based Elixir apps on the Digital Ocean App platform with Docker.

๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ Page Specific Javascript with Phoenix LiveView and Esbuild

2022-Apr-25 Learn how to split your LiveView Javascript pagewise with esbuild, so your main app.js file stays small and people only download and execute the javascript they require.

Phoenix LiveView in Production

2022-Apr-06 I used Phoenix LiveView in Production for my last startup IndiePaper. This blog post outlines why I used LiveView, issues I came across, the good parts and gotchas to look out for.