rants of someone interested in code, design and life.

07 Dec 2019


I'm Aswin Mohan, 20 years old final-year Computer Science student at College of Engineering Chengannur. I love to code and have been doing that since 2013, I also love designing because who hates beautiful things.

I put most of my code here on, and some designs on behance. If you're looking to know more about me, here is my resume, my contact details are inside.

my best work

  • LessPhone, A minimal distraction free Android Launcher to limit your phone use.
  • Carbon Zero, A Carbon Footprint calculator and reduction guide, currently in beta.
  • Kerala Rescue Flood Map, a react based map frontend for KeralaRescue during the floods of 2018 to plot the rescue requests.
  • Plexta Free Font, A free futuristic font generated using Processing.
  • Ultron OS, A simple OS that can boot from hardware and interact with the user through the keyboard, was my high-school project.