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14 Dec 2020


A Now page is someplace where you list what you are doing with your life right now. I came across this when reading, who got the idea from


I’m working at Buy Me a Coffee in the Mobile Team.

  • Currently working on rewriting the entire app from scratch in React Native, so expect some great improvements coming along the way.


Currently none, I have some ideas lying around though.


Learning is almost always fun outside school. When there isn’t anyone looking over your shoulder insisting you learn about inverse trignometric functions, you tend to hate learning.


  • Skill : Learn to solve the Rubiks Cube blind - I have always been into cubing, but learning to solve it blind is like the ultimate challenge in memorization, and would make a cool party trick.

    • I successfully solved the cube blindfolded even though I lost the bet to solve it in 5 mins. The speed can be improved with practice.
  • Code: TDD Phoenix - I have always found the idea of TDD fascinating. I’m currently learning TDD with Elixir Phoenix from the awesome free resource at TDD Phoenix

    • Learnt that writing Integration tests has the best ROI in all types of testing. So now I am practicing TDD with Integration Tests.


For the love of Reading.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci, The Biography by Walter Isaacson - It would be nice to figure out how the greatest inventor of Da Vinci figured out the stuff he did.

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